Hindu Democratic Front

Strength can only be achieved through unity. Always remember this. The growth and development of Hindu society can only be achieved through unification. The Hindu Democratic Front is coming forward with this mission.
Our mission is to promote the progress of Hindu society through unification.
The enemy of Hindu is the enemy of every Indian.

Calmness in preparation.
Boldness in execution.

We need to realize that every hand that is raised against the Hindu is the hand that is raised against India. Hindu society must be united and vigilant. The Hindu Democratic Front does not want anyone to look at Hindu pride with evil eyes

Action Plan

The action plan for Hindu Democratic Front are as follows: -
To wipe out the ignorance of religion and history among the Hindus by conducting Gita, Veda and Sanskrit classes for every young mind in Hindu fraternity. To rewrite the historical narrative that highlights the Islamic and foreign invaders by publish books and literary works to strengthen the Hindu intellectual field. To actively promote Hinduism and Hindutwa through social media and digital platforms.
To conduct educational programs, book fairs and seminars for Hindu upliftment and Dharma Propaganda. To conduct PSC, UPSC, SSC, CIVIL SERVICE and RRB training classes.
Providing assistance to unemployed Hindu youths to find employment. Provide vocational training to the youth who are technically educated and enable them to work.

The roots of religious fundamentalism have sunk deep into the Kerala society. The proliferation, conversion and extremist recruitment centers are still far from the mainstream media's attention. But this is no doubt it is a ticking time bomb. Using women as tool and weapon in sex slavery and terror recruitment is no longer a secret in the post-ISIS era. The Hindu Democratic Front is formulating serious steps to combat this problem.

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Recent Activities

Hindu democratic front actively helped the family of Anjana Harish, hailing from a traditional Kerala Hindu family, student of Government Brennan College, Kannur,Kerala. The gullible girl fell into a bad company of anarchists, Urban Naxals and Jihadists. Activism had gone into her head. She openly declared that she is a queer person and participated in ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign sponsored by the Left. Even before her close relatives could figure out what was happening to her, her condition was beyond redemption. Her relatives said she was an alcoholic and a drug addict. But before they could do anything, they got a message saying that Anjana’s lifeless body was discovered from the garden of the hotel she was staying in.

Food has been distributed to Migrant laborers and stranded poor people in different localities by Hindu Democratic Front in and around the following cities Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore & Tanjaore. 1000 food packets has been served on average basis among the above cites during the Covid-19 Lock down starting from March 25 to May 5 on regular basis.

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